Lefty Trivia


Lefty Trivia

Fact 1: There are more male southpaws than female.

Fact 2: The corpus callosum that connects the two brain hemispheres are larger in lefties than in righties

Fact 3: A child with no left handed parents has about a 10% chance of being left handed. There is a 19.5% chance when one parent is a lefty and the odds jump to 26% when both parents are left handed. Traditional genetics does not explain this ratio

Fact 4: As a species, Lemurs and Polar Bears are predominantly left handed

Fact 5: Among gorillas and chimpanzees, roughly 35% are left handed

Fact 6: Sewing machines were invented by a south paw, Elias Howe, so he put the needle on the left-hand side

Fact 7: The longest word in the English language that is typed with the left hand is “stewardesses”

Fact 8: 20% of Mensa is left handed which is almost twice the percentage of the general population

Fact 9: Honeysuckle is one of the only plants that twines to the left

Fact 10: The primarily left handed Kerr clan of Scotland built a castle in 15th century whose staircase spiraled counter clockwise so that left handed swordsmen could defend themselves easily

Fact 11: Three US President and Vice President teams were both left handed. Gerald Ford/Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton/Al Gore


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